"Extremely Online" Taylor Lorenz

Explore the impact of social media on fame, influence, and power with Taylor Lorenz's "Extremely Online." Essential insights for procurement, supply chain, and marketing pros.


The Procure 4 Marketing Team

8/29/20244 min read

a book cover of extremely online marketing
a book cover of extremely online marketing

Taylor Lorenz’s "Extremely Online: The Untold Story of Fame, Influence, and Power on the Internet" delves into the intricate dynamics of the digital world, exploring how social media has transformed fame, influence, and power. This book offers valuable insights for procurement, supply chain, and marketing professionals who navigate the complexities of an increasingly online and interconnected world. Understanding the impact of digital influence can enhance strategies, foster better relationships, and drive success in these fields. This review explores the key themes, critical analysis, and practical applications of Lorenz’s work.


"Extremely Online" chronicles the evolution of internet culture, detailing how social media platforms have created new forms of celebrity and influence. Lorenz, a seasoned journalist with a deep understanding of digital trends, examines the rise of influencers, the economics of content creation, and the power dynamics within online communities. The book provides a comprehensive look at how digital fame operates and its broader implications for society and business.

Key Themes

1. The Evolution of Digital Influence: Lorenz traces the history of online fame, from the early days of blogging to the rise of YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and other social media platforms. She highlights how these platforms have democratized fame, allowing ordinary individuals to build massive followings and wield significant influence.

2. Economics of Content Creation: The book delves into the business side of being an influencer, exploring how content creators monetize their platforms through sponsorships, advertising, merchandise, and other revenue streams. This theme is crucial for marketing professionals looking to leverage influencer partnerships effectively.

3. Power Dynamics and Online Communities: Lorenz examines the power structures within online communities, including the role of algorithms, platform policies, and the influence of social media companies. Understanding these dynamics can help professionals navigate the digital landscape more effectively.

4. Cultural Impact of Social Media: The book discusses how social media has reshaped cultural norms, trends, and behaviors. For procurement and supply chain professionals, this understanding is vital for anticipating changes in consumer preferences and market trends.

5. Challenges and Controversies: Lorenz addresses the darker side of digital fame, including issues of privacy, mental health, and the impact of online harassment. This theme highlights the need for ethical considerations and responsible practices in leveraging digital platforms.

Critical Analysis

While "Extremely Online" offers valuable insights, it also has its limitations and areas for further exploration.

1. Rapidly Changing Landscape: The digital world evolves rapidly, and some of the book's examples and case studies may quickly become outdated. Professionals must stay informed about the latest trends and developments to remain relevant.

2. Focus on Influencers: The book heavily focuses on influencers and content creators, which may not directly apply to all procurement and supply chain contexts. However, the principles of digital influence can still offer valuable lessons for these fields.

3. Complexity of Digital Strategies: Implementing digital strategies based on the insights from the book requires a nuanced understanding of the specific platforms and their algorithms. Professionals may need additional resources and expertise to apply these strategies effectively.

Implications for Procurement, Supply Chain, and Marketing Professionals

1. Procurement: Understanding digital influence can help procurement professionals in several ways. For instance, sourcing products from suppliers who have a strong online presence can enhance brand visibility. Additionally, leveraging social media to gather insights about supplier reputation and performance can lead to better-informed procurement decisions.

2. Supply Chain: Supply chain managers can use social media to monitor trends, track logistics, and anticipate disruptions. By understanding the power dynamics of online communities, they can also foster better communication and collaboration with partners and stakeholders.

3. Marketing: For marketing professionals, the insights from "Extremely Online" are particularly valuable. The book provides a roadmap for leveraging influencer partnerships, creating engaging content, and navigating the algorithms that govern social media visibility. Understanding the cultural impact of social media can also help marketers develop campaigns that resonate with their target audience.

Practical Applications

1. Building Strong Online Partnerships: Professionals can leverage the insights from the book to build strong partnerships with influencers and content creators. This involves identifying influencers whose values align with the brand and fostering long-term relationships that provide mutual benefits.

2. Utilizing Data and Analytics: Using social media analytics tools can help professionals track trends, measure engagement, and optimize content strategies. This data-driven approach ensures that efforts are aligned with audience preferences and market dynamics.

3. Enhancing Communication: Social media platforms can be used to enhance communication within supply chains. By creating dedicated channels for updates and collaboration, supply chain managers can improve transparency and efficiency.

4. Ethical Considerations: The book’s discussion on the challenges of digital fame underscores the importance of ethical considerations. Professionals should prioritize transparency, authenticity, and respect for privacy when engaging with online communities and influencers.

5. Adapting to Trends: Staying informed about the latest digital trends and platform updates is crucial. Professionals should regularly update their strategies to reflect the changing landscape and ensure continued relevance.


"Extremely Online: The Untold Story of Fame, Influence, and Power on the Internet" by Taylor Lorenz offers a comprehensive look at the dynamics of digital influence and its implications for business. For procurement, supply chain, and marketing professionals, the book provides valuable insights into how social media shapes trends, behaviors, and power structures.

While the focus on influencers may not directly apply to all contexts, the underlying principles of digital influence, community dynamics, and content monetization are universally relevant. By leveraging these insights, professionals can enhance their strategies, build stronger relationships, and navigate the complexities of the digital world.

In conclusion, "Extremely Online" is a must-read for professionals seeking to understand the impact of social media and digital influence on their industries. By embracing the principles outlined in the book and adapting them to their specific contexts, procurement, supply chain, and marketing professionals can achieve greater success and resilience in an increasingly online and interconnected world.